1. About us

In response to the spirit of University’s Council Resolution No. 14 of 5th February 2016, and the subsequent invitation of the Vice Chancellor to the university community to come up with ideas of income generating activities, the Faculty of Law has conceptualised a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to operate as an income generating unit of the faculty. Initially the SPV will be a department in the Faculty of Law to be known as the Department of Continuing Professional Development, Projects and Research (CUEA CPD). Ultimately the SPV will be constituted as a ‘Trust’ or a ‘Limited Liability’ Company with the Faculty of Law as the beneficial owner.

2. Justification

The intended project presents the following benefits for CUEA:

  • Raise the profile of CUEA through  cutting edge research, training and consultancies
  • Fundraise for the Faculty of Law and CUEA as a whole
  • Fund  training and development  for members of the Faculty of Law
  • Create opportunity for continued linkages with CUEA alumni through CPD courses
  • Create opportunity for pupillage for CUEA alumni
  • Create opportunity for mentorship for CUEA students
  • Undertake Corporate Social Responsibility through pro-bono legal services
  • Create opportunity for donor funding
  • Create opportunity for faculty members to engage in private professional services using the  formidable  institutional infrastructure of CUEA

3. Scope of intended activities

The SPV will undertake the following projects

3.1 For income generation

  • Short courses for Continuing Professional Development for legal professionals and other actors in the legal sector.
  • Specialized skills based course at certificate level to fill the gaps left by current offerings by legal education providers.
  • Funded  and non-funded research in law and related disciplines.
  • Design development and publication of course materials for legal education.
  • Legal advisory and consultancy services not falling within the definition of ‘practice of law within the meaning of section 34 of the Advocates Act. Examples include undertaking legal compliance audits, structuring public private partnership undertakings and  policy making and legislative drafting

3.2 For Donor Funded Charitable Purposes

  • Pro-bono legal services
  • Pupillage opportunities for CUEA alumni
  • Mentorship opportunities for current CUEA students

3.3 For value addition to faculty staff

An opportunity for CUEA faculty members to render private legal professional services from within CUEA with a view to maximising their availability on campus

4.0 Structure

In the short term the SPV will operate as a department in the Faculty of Law headed by a departmental head. It will initially be known as the Department of Continuing Professional Development, Projects and Research

5.0 Staff

5.1 Head of Department (HOD)

As a department of the Faculty of Law, the SPV is headed by a Head of Department (HOD). The HOD reports functionally to the project initiators and administratively to the Dean, Faculty of Law. The Dean reports functionally and administratively on the operations of the SPV to the respective DVCs.

The current Head of Department is Mr Charles B G Ouma. Mr Ouma is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya of 26 years standing. He has extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of short courses in Continuing Professional Development. He is the immediate former Assistant Director CPD at the Kenya School of Law. Charles also has extensive experience in undertaking legal advisory and related consultancies.

Assisting the HOD will be an Administrative Assistant and other technical, professional and support staff to be recruited as the circumstances require. Presently, Agnes, the Secretary to the Dean (available on extension 1540) and Jacynter, the faculty administrative assistant (available on extension 1545) provide administrative assistance to the HOD.

5.2 Course Coordinators

Subject coordinators are responsible for conceptualising, designing, developing and implementing CPD programmes in various topics of interest to the legal profession and other actors in the legal sector. The initiators of the SPV are the initial Course Coordinators but faculty members are encouraged to design develop and implement courses in which event they will be treated as course coordinators for the specific courses they conceptualise, design, develop and implement. The initiators of the SPV are;

  • Dr Maurice Ajwang Owuor, Dean Faculty of Law
  • Professor Ernest Beyaraza
  • Mr Tom Ngeri
  • Mr Joshua Wabwire
  • Ms Edna Odhiambo
  • Ms Prisca Miruka
  • Mr William Agan
  • Mr Charles B. G  Ouma

6.0 Long Term Structure of the SPV

In the long term the SPV will be registered as a Trust or a company limited by shares or guarantee with the initiators as the initial members/subscribers. It will be governed by a Board of Trustees or Directors. The initial trustees and directors will be the initiators of the project. It will then headed by a Chief Executive Officer who will be an employee. The Faculty of Law, CUEA is the beneficial owner of the SPV.

7.0 Projected Sources of revenue

  • Tuition fees for courses
  • Consultancy fees
  • Grants from donors
  • Publications
  • Income from investments

8.0 Commencement

May 2017





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