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Season’s Greetings from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa!

We thank God for a productive year and we look forward to 2020 with great anticipation and expectation. 2019 was a good year for the University on many folds. Our rallying theme in the year was Working and Winning Together which was driven by six (6) core pillars namely Team-work, Excellence, Productivity, Leadership, and Innovation for growth and Quality service with a sense of urgency. I am happy that as a team we were able to give our customers quality service and an increased relevance in our space. The mileage we have achieved in this endeavor is attributed to each member of the University, from Trustees, Council, management, staff and students supported by parents, guardians, sponsors and business partners. We remain grateful!

Apart from running our academic programmes from Certificates, Diplomas, Undergraduate Degrees, Masters to Doctoral courses smoothly in the three trimesters, we were able to release about 2300 graduates into the market. What makes me happy is the confidence that we as a University have in these graduates not only academically but also the spiritual, emotional, physical and moral molding that has gone into shaping them to become transformational leaders for church, industry and society.

I am also happy to note that our diversity, both in students and faculty remains a treasured asset. Currently, we have over thirty nationalities here in the University with students coming from all over world including Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Zambia, Malawi, China, Madagascar, Angola, Mozambique, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Yemen, Cameroon, Argentina, Demographic Republic of Congo, Turkey, Somali, South Africa, Somaliland and Togo. We also celebrate the diversity of our staff who hail from over ten countries. We shall work at increasing this diversity towards building human resource capacity fit the world.

Our research output from our Faculties is notable with various research publications done adding to the collection of new knowledge. We also held numerous local and international conferences on Education, Theology and Ethics with our Faculty members and students presenting their research papers. I am particularly happy that Sr. Dr. Noelina Nakato, one of our Senior Lecturers was recognized as a World Champion and Father of Modern Ecumenism Studies in the year putting the University in the global map. Our faculty members have also represented our University in various global conferences and exchanges, thus carrying our brand high.

Our students participated and did well in various competitions in and out of class both locally and internationally. For example, our students and Faculty members at the CUEA Faculty of Law emerged the best at 7th Edition of the Great Lakes Moot Court Competition on International Humanitarian Law held at the Supreme Court of Rwanda. Our Rugby team, the CUEA Monks, emerged 1st Runners up in the 2019 Kenya University Sports Association league whereas our Netball queens, the CUEA Shooting Stars emerged runners up at the Nairobi South Kenya Universities Sports Association League 2018/19.

We appreciate that the University hosted the Secretary the Congregation for Catholic Education, Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani in a meeting with Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors and Deans of Ecclesiastical institutions and Faculties from Africa and Madagascar during the event of launch of “Veritatis Gaudium,” between November 29 and 30, 2019. Veritatis Gaudium is the Papal guide on matters relating to management and administration of all Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties that teach Church courses especially in Theology and Canon Law. The document also calls for religious and ethical leadership in the academia.

The University remains closely in touch with the church not only in executing its core mandate of teaching, research and community service but also in seeking promotional support and counsel towards its growth agenda. We thank the AMECEA Bishops for their continued support and prayers. My meeting with His Holiness the Pope Francis at the Vatican was particularly a climax for me as the Vice Chancellor and Rector of the University.

CUEA remains one of the leading Universities in Kenya and Africa (2019 Webometrics) and our Alumni remain a testimony of our commitment to quality education for innovative and marketable graduates. As CUEA family, we can only promise to upscale the academic and ethical as well as spiritual standards.

I wish all our stakeholders a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Very Rev. Prof. Stephen Mbugua Ngari

Rector /Vice Chancellor



Christmas is coined from two words: Christ/ Mass; the Midnight Mass that was traditionally celebrated to mark the Nativity of Christ. The Birth of Jesus brought great Joy to the world. Indeed in many languages this Joy is expressed in the beautiful carols and in festive Christmas greetings. Here in Africa (Kenya),the birth of a child and especially the first born is greeted with songs, dances, smiles, ululations and gifts (Mwana wa mbeli). When the Saviour was born in Bethlehem, the angel spoke to the shepherds keeping the night watch over their flock and said: “Do not be afraid, for behold, I proclaim to you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For today in the city of David a Saviour has been born for you who is Messiah and Lord.”(Lk.2:10-11).Joy is the acceptance of God’s only begotten Son among us. We welcome Jesus as the Emmanuel: God with us, bringing us salvation. Let us welcome Him with the gift of a joyful heart. Joy has been placed in the heart of every person and it is not something to be bought from someone.

Recently, I was on a bus heading to some place upcountry. Having booked late I sat on one of the unenviable back seats. Some stretches of the journey were rough and it was a bumpy ride. Next to me was a mother holding a baby girl. Every time we were tossed up to the roof of the bus the baby held tightly to the mother for her dear life. The presence of a dear mother brought a smile on her face. I looked up front to see this driver that was robbing us of our joy and peace. He seemed to be indifferent to the welfare of the passengers. On top of his seat was a placard on which it was written in big letters.. “Are you happy?” This was followed by a phone number just in case someone wanted to seek instant happiness. It is unlikely that genuine happiness can be obtained by surrendering oneself to an anonymous opportunist on the phone. Perhaps it could have been helpful if the driver had been more considerate and diligent.

Living in the world today is like being on a bumpy road, a rough journey towards our final destination. In his Book Resisting Happiness, the author Matthew Kelly observes that on this earth we are pilgrims and not tourists (Kelly,2016:147). We need to hold on to Jesus.What a friend we have in him. He walks with us, through ours streets, through the stress and quick pace of a world constantly bombarding us with stimuli which can leave no room for that interior silence in which we can perceive, gaze and hear his call. Do I know what brings joy or sorrow to my heart?

St. Paul tells us to rejoice in the Lord always (Phil.4:4)It is difficult to keep the joy of the Gospel in a world full of bad news. The doom and gloom of this world is exacerbated by indifference and rejection. One of the tragedies of our time is what Pope Francis has called the globalization of indifference (Francis,The Joy of the Gospel,2013 no.54);indifference to the suffering of others, to the plight of the disadvantaged and vulnerable. The Christmas season can rob us of the happiness we so badly crave for. The commercialized frenzy of shopping before Christmas has caught up with Africa and people are in danger of being left empty and lonely.

Christmas 2019 is also with us at CUEA. The rich diversity of cultures and nationalities of both staff and students should be an incentive for joyful celebrations. Let us create an atmosphere of Joy to lighten the fatigue and stress of our daily activities. As we wrap up the civil year and the semester, we remember with affection and gratitude our beloved colleagues who have gone before us in the course of the year to meet the Lord. We rejoice in the fact that the turnaround strategies of our Institution are gradually bearing fruit. We continue to earn our living by the sweat of our brows and wish our students timely completion of their programmes. The shepherds were at the right place and at the right time when the Good News was announced to them. CUEA is the place where God has placed you and me at this particular time and for a purpose. CUEA as a work place and temple of learning is our Bethlehem where Jesus comes to us as our special guest. Put a smile on someone’s face.

The individual families to which we belong are equally important. Let us be angels of Joy and peace to those around our table. The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph teach us to convert our homes into places of Joy and peace through our actions, attitudes and attention to small details. May all of us foster Joy and Peace.

Wishing you all A Blessed Christmas full of JOY and Peace and a Happy New Year!!!

Siku kuu Njema!!, Feliz Navidad!!, Joyeux Noël!!, Frohe Weihnachten!!.

Rev. Prof. John Lukwata


Dear Students,

Kindly take note of the dates below. 

13/12/2019 – 10/01/2020 The Portal is open for Registration for the next January/April 2020 Semester

21/12/2019 –


Christmas Break
06/01/2020 University re-opens
06/01/2020 – 10/01/2020 Registration and Payment of Fees
07/01/2020 Orientation and Registration (New Students) at 10.00 am - Undergraduate
08/01/2020 Orientation and Registration (New Students) at 10.00 am - Postgraduate
13/01/2020 Lectures begin (All Students)
24/01/2020 Last day to Add/Drop units, after which registered units become permanent in the students file
24/01/2020 Release of Previous Trimester results


Ag. Registrar Academics





This is to kindly inform the following groups of Government Sponsored Students that they will be proceeding for Long Holiday and resume in May 2020:-


Intake Faculty /School Cohort
May 2017 Law 4.1
May 2018


Arts and Social Sciences



May 2019



Arts and Social Sciences

School of Business

Centre for Social Justice Ethics


N/B   Any other GSS student who has studied for TWO consecutive semesters should take the break.


All are expected to adhere to this.

Ag. Academic Registrar



On Nov 29-30, the University hosted the Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani in a meeting with Chancellors, Vice-Chancellors and Deans of Ecclesiastical institutions and Faculties.

“We have been having a two-day convention here in the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), to reflect a bit after the launch of the Apostolic Constitution of Pope Francis titled “Veritatis Gaudium,” the Chairman CUEA Council, Bishop Maurice Muhatia Makumba told ACI Africa on the sidelines of their meeting that concluded Saturday, November 30.

Mons Zani2

Monsignor Zani ( 3rd right front row) with Chancellors, VCs and heads of Ecclesiastical Institutions & Faculties from Africa and Madagascar.

The document by Pope Francis, Bishop Muhatia explained, “is meant to guide the Church in the management and administration of all Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties that teach Church courses especially in theology and canon law.”

Published on January 29, 2018, Pope Francis’ “Veritatis Gaudium” sought to update the 1979 Apostolic Constitution “Sapientia Christiana” of John Paul II, which, according to the Holy Father, needed “to include the norms and dispositions issued since its promulgation, and to take into account developments in the area of academic studies in these past decades.”

The establishment of updated norms for Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties was also informed, as Pope Francis explained in the foreword of the document, by the “need to acknowledge the changed social-cultural context worldwide and to implement initiatives on the international level to which the Holy See has adhered.”

Among the norms outlined in the 87-page document is the regulation that while all Ecclesial Universities and Faculties are to be under the Vatican-based Congregation for Catholic Education, the conferences of Bishops across the globe have the responsibility of overseeing the life and progress of these entities of higher learning, with the appointed Chancellors liaising between their respective universities and the Holy See.

“The Congregation for Catholic Education has been going around continents to launch this document formally and to talk about this to people who are more concerned with Catholic education at a higher level,” Bishop Muhatia told ACI Africa referencing the initiatives taken to reach out to Church institutions that offer Vatican-recognized degrees as distinguished from regular Catholic Universities.

The Vatican-based Secretary of the Congregation for Catholic Education, Archbishop Angelo Vincenzo Zani who participated in the CUEA deliberations about aligning the system of education in Ecclesiastical institutions on the African continent with “Veritatis Gaudium” explained the timing of the new norms in an interview with ACI Africa through a translator.

“There is a big change in the world, especially at the level of universities and other institutions of higher learning,” Archbishop Zani observed during the interview and acknowledged the efforts being undertaken by educational entities globally to adapt themselves to current situations.

He added, “Actually now in the world, the international community, the civil society, and the economic powers are asking if the young people who are coming out from the universities are prepared to face the challenges of the society and are able to contribute to providing solutions to the present-day challenges.”

The orientation of “Veritatis Gaudium,” which the Congregation for Catholic Education is fostering, Archbishop Zani said, is asking the leadership of Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties to prepare those enrolled in their programs particularly on three points, that they “should be more creative, they should be able to resolve conflicts and not create them, and they should be responsible for the common good.”

“This is how the Church wants to go out and meet the challenges of the society,” the 69-year-old Italian Prelate emphasized and referencing the threefold pillars of creativity, tendency toward solutions, and the sense of the common good added, “This is also a request from Pope Francis who demands that these Ecclesiastical Faculties respond to the challenges of the daily problem.”

Speaking to the central theme of “Veritatis Gaudium” as a global document, the Chancellor of CUEA, Zambian Bishop Charles Kasonde described the initiative to have collective norms as Church institutions offering Vatican-approved degrees as a means of empowerment that opens the horizons of the beneficiaries to having objective perspectives.

“Education is both subjective and objective,” Bishop Kasonde who is the Chairman of the Association of Member Episcopal Conferences in Eastern Africa (AMECEA) observed and added, “objective truth is much more universal.”

The Apostolic Constitution “Veritatis Gaudium”, the Zambian Prelate explained, facilitates the appreciation of education as a source of inner treasure, offering students exposure “to the entire world, so that our way of doing things would be much more similar to the way of doing things in Asia, in Australia, in Europe, in America, and also in Africa and we come to the discovery of the same truth of the gospel in oneness.”

Recalling the highlights of the two-day meeting at CUEA’s main campus in Nairobi, the Vice Chancellor (VC) of CUEA, Fr. Prof. Stephen Mbugua identified, in an interview with ACI Africa, “the revitalization of the teachings in the Faculties of Theology” as noteworthy, especially the directive to reform ways of “teaching so that it informs the heart not only the head.”

“Veritatis Gaudium is challenging us and informing us of new frontiers of exchange, of learning, of collaboration, of dialogue and of moving together as a family of humanity,” Fr. Mbugua said in reference to Pope Francis’ new directives for Ecclesiastical Universities and Faculties.

Asked about strategies to implement “Veritatis Gaudium” in CUEA, the Kenyan-born VC said, “We are going to form dialogue teams where the Faculty of Social Sciences meet with the scholars in the Faculty of Theology and they have topical issues; same for the Faculty of Canon Law, same for Education, same for the Faculty of Science and the new Faculty of Health Sciences that we just created about three months ago.”

He added, “We want to do that even for the Directory of Regional Integration. It must be operational with this Constitution.”

With the legal effect of the new Apostolic Constitution governing institutions that offer Vatican-approved degrees into its second academic year for many such academic and formation entities in Africa, heads of these Church institutions of higher learning across the continent including Chancellors, Rectors, Presidents and Deans of faculties met in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi to strategize the aligning of the administration of their respective facilities with the new norms contained in the document of Pope Francis, “Veritatis Gaudium” (the joy of truth).

After the initial sessions, Monsignor Zani also met with the Deans of Theology Faculties under the Catholic University of Eastern Africa for a further briefing on the requirements of the documents. These included Tangaza University, College, Hekima University College and some of the CUEA Faculty of Theology lecturers.

Report includes excerpts from a similar report by ACI Africa.




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