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St Marys Runda

On Thursday, May 30, we hosted St. Mary’s Girls Runda for both a career talk and campus tour.

The over 200 students arrived at the University at around 10 am in the morning together with their teachers and were received by officials from the Student Recruitment office. They were then guided to the LRC Auditorium where the academic talks were conducted.

Several guest speakers from different professions within and outside the university were invited to give a talk to the students and the Mr. and Miss CUEA 2018/19 winners Ashley and Brian, too were present.

The occasion was opened with a word of prayer from one of the St. Mary’s Girls Runda student and later Miriam Chege, the Head of Communications and International Relations at the university welcomed the guests together with students to CUEA.

Mike Kibet a pilot at Kenya Airways encouraged the students to use their school motto in life which is ‘Do whatever He says’. “Being a pilot is a good job because it opens up your mind therefore you have to use whatever you have in hand because you never know the plans of God to your career”, he further added.

“Actuaries use mathematics to predict the future and to be an actuary, you have to pass very well to get the needed cluster points. Work harder in Mathematics and Languages”, said Job Omino who is an actuary.

Kenyatta National Hospital nurse and CUEA alumni Alice Osanya, encouraged the students to choose nursing as their career as it is all about taking care of people. She further added that nurses can work anywhere such as schools and military and not necessarily in hospitals.

“Women are always taken to be excellent in the kitchen but this should be a past thought. Practice to be a judge and keep your dreams alive and consider and do Law in CUEA”, said Ms. Freda Kabatsi a Law lecturer at CUEA.

Matthews Bosire who is a doctor at Karen hospital urged the students to take their education seriously as they strive to achieve a grade of at least A- for them to become doctors.

“I know many students don’t like to become teachers but what they don’t know is that the moment you study education, you have an opportunity to be an expert in different areas for example, administrator, program manager, blogger and many others”, posed Marcellus Otieno, Student Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator at the university.

Mr. Davidson Thaba, Head of ICT at the university encouraged the students to put more effort in Physics and Mathematics and also in languages for them to become experts in technologies as technology changes very fast.

Miriam Chege, Head of Communication and International Relations at the university, motivated the students that when they are still in secondary schools they need to realize their passion and work smart to achieve it in the future. As a Media personnel, she encouraged the students to use the opportunity they have to grow until where they achieve what they want to be. “When you do media and communication, you have varieties of field to choose such as, interpreter, film and video editor, blogger, sound engineer, director, radio presenter and many others”, she further added.

“You aren’t in school for the sake of it, think of what value you have and apply it in a broad way in order to succeed”, remarked Brian Karanja, an economist and also one of the speakers.

Students later joined the weekly Thursday Holy Mass at the university where they were encouraged by Rev. Dr. Boniface Mungai the University Chaplain to persevere in their studies just as Christ did during his ministry.

In the afternoon, students had the opportunity to tour the campus where they visited various facilities within the university. Among the visited places were the Library, the University Registry, lecture halls and finally crossed over to the Law school where they had a chance of experiencing being in a moot court facility.


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