AHEAD Project

African Higher Education Leadership in Advancing Inclusive Innovation for Development (AHEAD) project is a three-year Capacity Building project, starting on October 15, 2017 and ending on October 14, 2020. It brings together a consortium which consists of 4 universities from Europe (Romania, Poland, UK, Italy), a consultancy company from Bulgaria, 5 universities from Kenya, CUEA Being one of them, 2 universities from Tanzania and 3 universities from Uganda.

The project seeks to build the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan universities’ capacities to lead and manage innovation that best fits their countries’ inclusive and sustainable development needs. The overall objective is to enhance the management, governance, teaching, research and evaluation capacities of the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan Partner Universities in view of enabling them to implement the knowledge triangle and better integrate their research, education and innovation functions in support of innovation for sustainable development and inclusive growth. The specific objectives are as follows:  1) Enable Partner Universities to review and reform their institutional structures and agendas, build the vital human capital and strengthen the managerial expertise needed to lead and manage knowledge flows and innovation partnerships with a variety of stakeholders; 2) Contribute to the knowledge and teaching base of Partner Universities in the field of innovation management, inclusive innovation, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship; 3)  Create and manage inclusive stakeholder-oriented support structures and communication platforms in view of nurturing local entrepreneurship and inclusive development in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

The main project activities and outputs include:

1. Analysis of National Innovation Systems in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

2. Analysis of institutional innovation capacities at Partner Universities

3. Development of open educational resources in the field of Innovation Management and

Inclusive Innovation

4. Capacity building workshops and training of trainers

5. Improvement of the good-practice and evidence base for delivering (social) entrepreneurship education

6. Creation of Virtual Knowledge Gateways for structured cooperation between Partner Universities and key stakeholders

7. Strengthening stakeholder collaboration and consultation

8. Establishing Innovation for Development Hubs at Partner Universities from Kenya,

Tanzania and Uganda and kick-starting their activities aimed at supporting local and regional development and enabling stakeholder co-creation in innovation

The project seeks to help the Kenyan, Tanzanian and Ugandan Partner Universities achieve improvement in the following aspects:

1. Aligning teaching and research with community engagement, knowledge transfer, innovation and entrepreneurship support in local economies

2. Aligning research activities with socio-economic challenges and key national development goals

3. Taking leadership of open innovation and knowledge exchange in both low-tech and high-tech sectors, in particular by following a multidisciplinary approach, involving a variety of stakeholders and building the necessary human capital and managerial skills

4. Building human capacities, support structures and expertise to promote grassroots innovation, entrepreneurship at the local level, and inclusive innovation

5. Integrating themselves into their external environment and contributing to local economic growth


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